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Turkey Tail Dosage and Side Effects. These mushrooms can be dried and used as teas or in powder form. Extracts of the mushroom are available in various forms, including powder form. When supplementing with turkey tail mushroom powder, take 1,000 mg once daily. Be sure to speak with a doctor before adding this supplement to your regimen.

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Dr. Pauling was a proponent of high-dose vitamin C as a preventive and. I have read several articles regarding the benefit of turkey tail mushroom capsules and also vitamin B-17.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements and Dosage. Turkey tail mushroom supplements are available in capsule form and usually taken to support a healthy immune system. In case your furry friends need some immune support, you can find turkey tail mushroom supplements for dogs too. Clinical evidence doesn’t support one specific dosage for turkey tail.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extracts in Other Cancer Models. There are many examples of the effectiveness of Trametes versicolor extract in various models of cancer:. A 2015 laboratory study showed that an extract of protein-bound polysaccharides isolated from turkey tail mushrooms significantly slowed the growth of breast cancer cells.

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Turkey tail isn’t just a good looking mushroom. it’s good for your dog too! This medicinal mushroom has cancer researchers excited. in fact, it’s an anti-cancer drug in some countries.But there are a few other reasons to add turkey tail to your dog’s daily meals too.

Let’s delve deeper into the world of the turkey tail mushroom. We’ll start with some basic facts, move on to medicinal information, and end with instructions on how to take them and where to buy or find.. Basic Trametes Versicolor Facts. The Latin name is Trametes versicolor, which means thin (trametes) and many colored (versicolor).

Versicolor means of many colors. And that’s because turkey tail has colored rings that look a lot like the tail of a turkey. In Japan, turkey tail is called kawaratake, which means cloud mushroom. There are quite a few strains of Trametes, but turkey tail in particular is of interest to scientists and herbalists.

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